(This is the first email blast I sent, when I started my initial chemo course in Nov. 2011.)

5FU, that is.  In other words, Fluorouracil – one of the three chemotherapy drugs I’m going to be receiving over the next few months.

I’m glad to report that my first foray into chemo at the hospital went well. Instead of the full complement – 5FU, oxaliplatin and Avastin – I only received 5FU today.  The first bit I got at the hospital and the rest I got to take home as a lovely parting gift, complete with a
small pump, to be administered automatically over 46 hours. Why 46 hours, you ask?  Because 48 hours would have been too easy to calculate.  Frankly, given the way Israelis like to calculate things, it shouldn’t be shocking.  Have you ever had coffee with a native Israeli?  They’ll take theirs with some milk and 7¾ teaspoons of sugar.  I’m curious: would they be able to detect if I only put in 6, or a full 8 somehow made their way in?  But I digress…

So, 46 hours, it is.

On the positive side, I only had to be in the hospital for about 4 hours today.  Next time, the treatment itself will take about 5 hours or so, on top of whatever waiting time there is.

Side story – Israel is one small village.  Today in the oncology unit, we saw the guy who works the cheese counter at our supermarket. (Unfortunately, he was there with his wife, who is also a patient.) And, our lovely nurse, Tzippy, is good friends with Dr. Ronit
Greenbaum (the saintly surgeon who operated on me twice in one week and whom we should all worship), and she is also friends with Tammy’s cousins.  Bottom line: in Israel, one must be careful what one says and to whom.  There are only three degrees of separation.


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