Chemo #3

(This is from an email originally sent out on Dec 26, 2011.)

Good morning/afternoon, as the case may be.

I’m sitting now in the chemo room enjoying my second full chemo treatment.  Let me tell you – what a difference from the first time! This time, I was smart enough to fax my blood count results from yesterday to the hospital in advance.  This way, theoretically, the nurses could order my meds in advance, allowing me to cut down on the two-hour-plus waiting time I enjoyed last time.

So, I’m thinking it’ll take an hour.  But no!  I checked in at the front desk and the woman simply processed my papers and said, “Go on back.”  So, back I went.  Found a nice corner spot for Tammy and me to unload our four bags – yes, we come fully prepared – start flirting with the nurses (me, not Tammy) and getting settled.  As the nurse is getting ready to insert the needle into my port, I pointed out that even though I was there, no one took urine or blood pressure.  No problem.  We handled it all right then and there.

Obviously, all was normal, as I’m on the second of three drips I’ll receive today.  Last visit, this particular drip took four hours. This time, it’ll be three.  Next time, two, and that’s where it will stay for the next few months.

Hopefully, this week will be the same as last week.  Monday (day of) and Tuesday were OK.  Wednesday and Thursday I felt like I got hit by a truck.  By Friday afternoon, everything seemed OK, so I was able to go to NY for a few days of work and return home in time for the weekend.

If this is “the new normal,” I can certainly handle it.

Thanks for being here!


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One Response to Chemo #3

  1. Schlocker Family says:

    Whats normal anymore??? Kol Ha kavod!!!

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