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(Another old email being posted here for posterity.)


Cancer has its privileges.  And, a few weeks ago, it allowed me to do what may be the single coolest thing I’ve ever done in the Holy Land.

Those of you who have had the privilege of visiting the Kotel – the western, protective wall that stood at the time of the second temple in Jerusalem – will understand that parking in the area is somewhat…restricted.  Unless you arrive very early in the morning, say 4:30 or so, your chances of being a reasonable walking distance from Judaism’s holiest site (less than 20 minutes) is virtually non-existent.  Therefore, you can either take a cab or a bus, or have someone drop you off.

Apparently, the office of the Rabbi of the Kotel (Yes, there is a rabbi of the Kotel.  Can you imagine was HIS annual membership meeting is like?  I wonder: does that mean there’s a president and board of the Kotel, as well?  But, I digress.  Please forgive the ramblings of
a former synagogue president…) will grant individual temporary parking privileges if you have a reason to be at the Kotel on a specific day, and are unable to make such a long walk to the site.

Therefore, when Tammy’s cousin’s son marked his Bar Mitzvah there at 8:00 am on a lovely Wednesday the week before last, we drove right up to the guard gate, flashed a smile and the parking permit and, after a brief but thorough inspection, were granted entry to the small parking area.

If looks could kill, cancer would be the least of my problems.  I made sure to shuffle a bit slower than usual while grimacing at just the right intervals.

(Side note – Don’t even THINK of asking me whom to call unless you have a true reason for needing to park so closely.  Come on…it’s the Kotel and it would be terrible karma if  you faked it.)

In other news, today was Chemo Day.  Because the drips don’t last as long anymore, our appointment was for 11:00 am.  Unlike last time, they didn’t send me back to the treatment room right away; we waited around for about 90 minutes until there was room for me.  And, again, they forgot to check my blood pressure and urine sample.  Good thing I know what’s going on.

Apparently, chemo affects my sleeping habits, as well.  I went to bed about two hours ago; and I slept really well.  Now, not so much.  So, I’ll finish this missive and then go watch some bad television.

As always, thanks for reading this far!


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