And then there was One

This is a posting of an email originally sent out on May 4, 2012.

Good morning!

So, this past Monday was an abbreviated chemo treatment, in that one of the three meds I receive was not administered.  Going in to treatment I’m thinking I got it “made in the shade,” as the medication I was not to receive is the one that takes two hours to administer.

Tammy and I arrived on-time at the hospital, immediately found parking and presented ourselves to the receptionist.  She told me to “go on back” and, yet again, I’m thinking, “this is way too easy.”

And it was.

Turns out the chemo folks were still playing catch-up from Passover and Independence Day, and the place was rockin-and-rollin even more than usual.  When I went into the treatment room, the nurses smiled, but told me there wasn’t enough room and I would need to wait “about an hour.”  Luckily, my brother was in town, so he joined Tammy and me as we strolled the mall adjacent to the hospital, picked up some food, strolled back to the chemo floor, found seats and ate our lunch.

The only downside to being the mend, it seems, is that I’m not such a priority anymore and, while the nurses are still sweet as can be, I now join the teeming and seamy underbelly of masses who must wait patiently for their names to be called.

Know what?  I don’t mind so much not being high on that list…

A follow up from last dispatch: Tammy called the hospital to arrange an appointment with the best surgeon in the world and – after a total of two hours on hold – was told the next appointment is in November.  I don’t think so.  The guy on the phone said he’d call the surgeon the next day when he starts work in the afternoon and get back to us.  Guess what?  He did!  My appointment is now in two Sundays.

As it’s Friday afternoon now, we’re preparing for another wonderful Shabbat before I head off to NY tomorrow night for a few days of fun and sun in Midtown Manhattan.  I’m especially looking forward to this trip as it involves an engagement party on Sunday evening in NY, and there’s quite as enjoyable as such happy occasions, these days.

Wishing you a yours a restful weekend.


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