Interim Update

This is from an email sent originally on July 26, 2012.

Good morning, and thank you for tuning in.

Since my last update on July 11, lots has happened.  Just not surgery.

Avi the HIPEC surgeon has been dealing with his own personal issues and is unable to move ahead with scheduling surgery at this time.  As you’ll remember from previous emails, delaying surgery too much longer means going back on chemo.  And, going back on chemo means waiting a full six weeks between ending chemo and having surgery.

While it’s doable, now is the time to have this surgery.

That said, Tammy and I met with Ronit the Wundersurgeon who said that we should not pursue the notion of two surgeries – one with her and then HIPEC.  While she holds out hope that Avi will come around, she suggested we speak with a Dr. Gutman who is at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.  He also performs this surgery and, after some digging around, we found that he has a rather good reputation.

Tammy and I were able to meet with Gutman this past Monday evening and he is ready to do the surgery; it’s just a question of timing.  We expect to find out soon (Monday?) when it will be.

There is an upside: Gutman’s approach is more like that of Paul Sugarbaker, who is considered the originator of the HIPEC procedure, and Bartlett, the doctor I saw in Pittsburgh.  All three seem to call for a shorter hospital stay with no isolation necessary.

Downside: I will be starting Xeloda, chemo pills tonight for 5FU (one of the three chemo medicines I took by infusion earlier in the year).  I will do 14 days, take a week off, then repeat the cycle, if necessary.  It sounds odd to say this, but I sincerely hope I’ll be having surgery by then.  (Tangential upside: the pills must be taken at the same time every morning and evening, and after a meal and with lots of water, so fasting this Sunday is out of the question.)

So, that’s where we are.  As always, your good words and well wishes are appreciated!


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