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From an email sent on October 31, 2012.

Dear friends,

I win.

It’s been a while since my last email update.  While the truth is, I’ve been waiting about one year to write this e-mail, this recent quiet period has been because I’ve been waiting to meet with the oncologist to find out what the recommended course of action is, now that surgery is behind us.  Well, this past Thursday, Tammy and I went to our long-awaited appointment. In a nutshell, we’re done for now.

Yes, it’s true, and somewhat hard to believe.

The oncologist explained that we couldn’t really have hoped for better results: there is currently no evidence of cancer in me.  She also offered that my risk of relapse has gone down significantly.

Of course, the name of the game now is vigilance. So, starting in late December, I’m going to begin a cycle of blood work and various scans every few months. (Interestingly, at our recent meeting, the oncologist asked me which of three tests I wanted to start with: a CT scan, a PET scan, or a colonoscopy. I asked her why she was asking me and she told me that it didn’t really matter, as long as we rotate through all of them. So, I told her I wasn’t really interested in the colonoscopy just yet, and she agreed. Thankfully.)

So, what’s next?

Well, life as it was before, more or less. I’ll be resuming travel next week and have worked out a schedule through the end of year, that is basically what I was doing pre-diagnosis: traveling to New York every other week. Of course, there will be some “hiccups” in the schedule due to good things – American Thanksgiving, a friend’s wedding, and of course the week between Christmas and New Year’s. But, I’m very eager to resume my old regular schedule. (Let the record reflect, I am not making any additional comments regarding “regularity,” as Tammy has complained that has become, too often, the focus of my conversation.)

A dear friend asked me last week if I was looking forward to my trip to New York. I said, yes, I was, but I think Tammy is looking forward to it more than I. You see, I’ve been home for more than three months straight. The last time that happened was in 2009 when there wasn’t a whole lot of work to be had.

While life will be returning essentially to normal, I am looking forward to treating myself in various ways. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and, since I haven’t worn a suit in more than a year, I will need to do some shopping. Although, Tammy says I shouldn’t get so excited, as she thoroughly expects me to put back on most of my old weight.

In closing, I’ll reiterate that which I believe I’ve shared in this forum before. Nonetheless, please indulge me. People have asked me how, and I have been congratulated on, doing so well in my battle thus far with cancer. The truth is, it was not only my battle. Granted, I was the one who was privileged to be operated on twice in one week just over one year ago by the world’s greatest surgeon. And, it was me who got to have a needle stuck in him once every other week and enjoy some interesting, but really mostly annoying and not so debilitating, side effects (some still going on). And, it was me who made the final decision about my recent surgery, and had to endure the challenging recovery period (which, by the way, is still underway). But never was I alone. I had the unfailing, unconditional, loving and tireless support of those around me. This includes, first and foremost, Tammy, my children, my family, my healthcare providers, my friends and colleagues.

It’s really impossible to express adequate gratitude to everyone who is been so supportive throughout this recent ordeal. So, let me simply say, thank you.

Over and out,



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