“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

WC - The British BulldogThe British Bulldog got it right.

Today was an auspicious day.  After being in remission since May 15, 2012, I returned in good humor and with positive attitude (although not triumphantly) to the outpatient chemo ward in Hadassah Ein Karem.  The answer to the obvious question you may be asking, is that my good doctor, the lovely and talented Ayala Hubert, decided that, what with four small tumors growing inside me, it was time to, once again, engage in battle.

Without a doubt, the chemo treatment protocol worked well last time, so we’re going to follow a similar approach this time, except instead of going in to the hospital every other week, I will go in for treatment every third week, with the added bonus of two weeks of pills in the interim. (This will also allow me some more flexibility when it comes to trans-Atlantic travel.)

I know you’re chomping at the bit to hear all about my experiences today, so I’ll give you the quick run-through with the most important stuff first:

Parking went well, and Tammy was able to secure a free pass for the next few months.  (Things are looking good already.)

We showed up at about noon, as directed, and saw some of our old friends.  One nurse, a favorite from last time, clearly remembered us as she asked specific questions relating back to conversations we had more than 1.5 years ago! Others were polite.  Nonetheless, it was heartening to be welcomed warmly.  What’s more, the receptionist referred to me as a “young man.”

After waiting around for about an hour, we were able to start treatment with various IVs of saline, glucose, medications, and so on.  I was shocked that the side effects started almost immediately, while still hooked up to the IV.  I remember from last time that one of the side effects is neuropathy and severe sensitivity to cold.  At one point, I took a quick gulp of some iced tea and immediately paid the price.  But, I assume I’ll learn and it will all come back to me…

Thankfully, I was able to participate in a 1.5 hour conference call with some colleagues (and friends), and it really helped the time fly.  I’ll be getting on another call shortly.  So, as you can see, not much is changing from last time: I plan to work as much as I can. I plan on maintaining a positive attitude.  And I plan to continue harassing you.


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F---ing Cancer since 2011.
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17 Responses to “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

  1. LMF says:

    Next time, maybe a little nosh to go with the iced tea, nebuch, you should eat something, too, y’know!!

  2. Donny Fein says:

    Love the blog idea. Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated. Your attitude and determination is an inspiration to is all. May Hashem make you get through this in full and speedily!

  3. Andrea Yampolsky says:

    Alan, I was quite pissed to get a call from my mom saying you have to go through all this crap again. We are trying to get to Israel in march and you better be up to visitors. My brother will need all the Alan’s to help him torment me. Give the cancer hell. Love , Andrea .

  4. Beth Davide says:

    Alan, I have confidence you can BEAT this, AGAIN!! Well wishes coming your way!!! xoxox Beth

  5. Mort says:

    If Nietzsche was correct and that which does not kill us makes us stronger, then by now you are Superman and invincible, so you have nothing to worry about. Then again, if Nietzsche didn’t know what he was talking about…….Let’s see if I understand, this is fixing up to be a battle of 4 little tumors versus Alan Braverman (a/k/a Superman) the Israeli health system, ingenuity and resiliance and Tammy. The tumors have no chance.

    We are all praying for you and sending strong powerful positive thoughts your way. We are looking forward to laughing, crying and marveling at your blogs and being with you through whatever lies ahead. Already looking forward to celebrating your recovery.

  6. Ilana Kohn says:

    May G-d bless you with a speedy and completely healthy recovery and in the meantime, may your humour continue to help you get through the present challenge, young man. Lots of Love, Ilana

  7. Nisan says:

    Got my black FCancer band on in complete solidarity! Not coming off until you beat this s***.

  8. Baila says:

    So funny about the parking. When we were dealing with this stuff, it made our day to score a good spot. But Hadassa’s parking situation has improved greatly, which can only be a good omen for this next battle. And finally! The suckiest of reasons to start a blog, but I can’t deny I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

  9. Ilana says:

    Please continue to harass. And I’ll make sure to ask ‘How are you?’ in the correct way.

  10. Galit & Eyal says:

    We are praying for you and wishing you Complete health.
    Be strong.

    Galit & Eyal

  11. Beth Davide says:

    Alan, always thinking of you!! Stay strong!! Sending love your way xoxox

  12. susan says:

    My dear friend, are you still keeping this blog going? How are you?

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