On schedule!

Good news.  As those of you who are paying attention know, the staff at Hadassah hospital where I receive treatment is on strike.  Apparently, they don’t like not being paid their full salaries.

The gall.

They are manning their Facebook page and, via chat today, we learned that outpatient chemo care is moving ahead.  This is good because the thought of navigating the country’s healthcare system in a manner so as to expeditiously receive my treatment according to schedule is somewhat daunting.

That said, we are all set to move forward Monday, next week.

While I don’t understand the entire situation at the hospital, I do know this: the staff are not being paid due to gross mismanagement at the hospital.  Emergency and life-saving care (as well as childbirth – can’t stop nature!) are continuing, even though the staff have no clue as to when or if they will be paid. Luckily (or not?) I am in that category, so I get to get my next round of meds when I’m supposed to.

Let me tell you: these people are angels.  By and large they are not paid much (by US standards) and their dedication is inspirational.  I do hope this is all resolved by Monday, but if not, I’m grateful to the staff for not turning their backs on those who need timely care.


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