Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Hello and thank you for tuning in. Much has happened since my last post, and almost none of it has been bad.  That would explain, in large part, the gap in postings.

As some of you know, yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with my oncologist, the purpose of which was to review my latest blood work and CT scan.  Based on the rising level of one of my tumor markers, along with the radiologist’s report and my first-person account of how I feel, the good doc is quite certain the cancer is once again growing inside my peritoneal cavity.  It does not seem as though the cancer has spread beyond that area.  Restarting chemotherapy is not a question of “if,” rather a question of “when.”  For now, we have decided to wait until after Passover to follow-up with more blood work and possibly another CT.

The main reasons we’re waiting are quality of life and the fact that I’m mostly asymptomatic (for cancer, that is; stupidity symptoms may, in fact, flare up from time to time).  While I have been feeling various “pangs and pulls” rather consistently for the past month or so, and an annoying low-level of nausea over the past 10 days, we decided that being subjected to the rigors of chemotherapy and its attendant side effects just isn’t worth it, at this point.  According to the oncologist, waiting a couple of months to start will not at all decrease the therapy’s efficacy.

Ironically, we can’t say that the vaccine study in which I participated was not effective, since it takes several months for those results to become apparent.  So, it could be that waiting another two months will give us some more time to see if the vaccine worked.  In any event, my doctor made it clear that she would want me to start chemo if I become more symptomatic between now and late April.

So, what does all this mean?  Nothing really, right now.  I will continue to do what I do to the greatest extent possible, in terms of work, travel and play, until such time that my body dictates otherwise, at least until late April.  Then, we will reevaluate.

If nothing else, at least you know you’ll have some great posts to read.

As always, thanks for your continued good words and warm wishes.


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8 Responses to Don’t I know you from somewhere?

  1. What, I’m the first commenter? I usually like to see a few up already, so I can copy someone elses or at least be inspired. Since I have to think of this totally on my own, all I can come up with is: this totally sucks. But I know you will face it with your usual aplomb and with your amazing wife and kids at your side–G-d Willing you will get through this as easily as possible. ❤

  2. Carol Joseph says:

    Well, this might be the first time I don’t have any questions for you. Wait and see is certainly better than having to do something else. So when are you coming back to NY? and don’t forget your wool socks cause it looks and feels like the tundra around here. We love you, Alan, and you are always inout thoughts. Wishing you good things Auntie Carol

  3. Aminadav Grossman says:

    Thanks for the update uncle alan! I was actually just wondering yesterday how you were doing. Best wishes for these symptoms to quickly improve and I hope all treatments go well!

    I was home for Shabbat last week and I realized that it’s been a month since we spent Shabbat together in Riverdale. It was so great to have you there for the planning and execution 🙂

    Love to all!

  4. Errol and Jana Krupman says:


    We always appreciate your candor and your humor…. You make your situation transparent and that makes it easier for us to understand a little of what you’re going through and also makes it easier for us to support you remotely…. We’re with you in spirit….

    Jana and Errol

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