Spring has Sprung

dodging bullets

Can I call myself the Teflon Don (at least for now)?

I’ve been asked to post an update as a certain someone is tired of repeating herself.

Just got back from the oncologist and the overall message is a good one. I do not need to start chemo right away, although it is still inevitable. My tumor markers continue their steady climb and the CT clearly shows tumor growth.

While the cancer is active, my good doc asked me if I’d like to continue my “vacation” from chemotherapy.  What with a handful of weddings in the coming months and my overall good looks and sunny disposition, we’ve decided to wait. As she said, “The most important number is ‘quality of life.'”  And, boy, do I know how to manage THOSE numbers!

Assuming all remains as is, next step will be a PET scan in early June, with a follow-up appointment at the end of the month.  When the doc cautioned me to be honest with myself (and with her) if I’m not feeling well, I asked her if I’ve been wrong yet.  She admitted that I haven’t.

So, another bullet dodged.  Now, go enjoy the spring.


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F---ing Cancer since 2011.
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16 Responses to Spring has Sprung

  1. Errol says:

    Thanx for the update….. Been thinking about you. Stay positive and enjoy!

  2. Ilana & Avi Kohn says:

    Thank G-d for the present! It truly is a gift!

  3. helen says:

    Best news ever, Alan. Enjoy the weddings and all the celebrations.

  4. It’s that sunny disposition that gets ’em every time.

  5. Todd Kesselman says:

    While I don’t want to make this about me, we both know that it is, in fact, about me. So I take some credit for the overall good message. Obviously, the combination of my tefila and making you stand over a throwaway mangal and inhale charcoal fumes is good for you. I think it means you have to come back here soon!
    Laila tov,

  6. Ari / Wesley Hills says:

    Good call. You have a wise doctor, methinks. (And you’re pretty smart, too.) Keep the cancer guessing, I say.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks, Ari. She’s a good egg and always willing to listen to what I have to say and negotiate with me. I think the doc likes getting pushback every now and again!

  7. Aminadav Grossman says:

    Hi Uncle Alan, great to hear from you! I’m glad to hear that you get to stay off chemo for the time being and hoping that one of the weddings referred to is mine! (And that you’re early June apointment is before June 8 🙂

    Love to everyone and Shabbat shalom Aminadav

  8. wishing you lots of strength and good health for a long time……… good luck with the treatments

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