Diving back in

Hello and thank you for tuning in.  I just flew in and, boy, are my arms tired…  17 days away from home is a lot and, I’m happy to report, everything at home seems to be in working order.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind, what with two very important weddings, some travel, getting together with friends.  Oh, and some work.  Had to fit that in.  Highlights included:

A pilgrimage to Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont.  I did my research and found a place to stay in

One of the more clever current flavors.

One of the more clever current flavors.

the Berkshires that was apparently 90 minutes away from the ice cream Mecca, but, lo, when I jumped in the car and fired up the GPS, I found out it was a three hour drive!  Each way!  Well worth it, though, as we got to visit the “Flavor Graveyard” (favorite: Vermonty Python), see (more or less) how the ice cream is made, get a freebie (which wasn’t really, when you consider how much we dropped in the gift shop), and tour various and sundry B&J paraphernalia.

Alcohol is out, so...

Alcohol is out, so…

A pilgrimage to the Grand Havana Room in Manhattan, where a good friend and mentor is a member.  Since I can’t seem to tolerate liquor anymore, I’ve decided a nice cigar would be an excellent alternative.  I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Meeting up with a high school buddy who graciously offered to buy

600 calories of yum, incorrect spelling notwithstanding.

600 calories of yum, incorrect spelling notwithstanding.

me a coffee, so I picked the single highest caloric drink on the menu, as he ordered something that involved soy which, in my humble opinion, has no business being anywhere near coffee (not that you can call what I had “coffee”…).

And now, I’m back home with yet another wedding to attend tonight, followed by a week of chores designed to keep me busy as we wait for my oncologist appointment next week.

All in all, the summer is off to a roaring start.


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F---ing Cancer since 2011.
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6 Responses to Diving back in

  1. Ssuan Burstein says:

    Alan, it was so great seeing you and Tammy. I hope the summer continues to be one long celebration!!!

  2. Wendyb says:

    As always Alan, your energy, optimism, strength and sense of humor never fail to amaze me. Clearly, it doesn’t take much. I’m thrilled to hear that you and your fam were able to travel, partake and enjoy all the exciting events on your social calendar. Thinking of you and look forward to your postings!

  3. Deborah says:

    You can’t tolerate liquor anymore??? That’s so sad 😦

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