Positive Signs

A quick update with some good news…

My most-recent blood test shows that both relevant tumor markers are trending downward.  While clearly still above acceptable levels, the trend is a good one.  So, chemo continues next week (Wednesdays!) for a couple more months.

By the by, liver numbers look good, too.  I may have to reintroduce myself to my Scottish friend, Auchentoshan, who’s been kind of lonely, of late.



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F---ing Cancer since 2011.
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23 Responses to Positive Signs

  1. Carol Joseph says:

    Good News Baby!! Both the trending and the drinking!! Love you, Auntie

  2. Mort says:

    Great news. Good reason to celebrate.

  3. Ari F. / Wesley Hills says:

    Very cool. Do they think that the positive trend can be attributed to the experimental stuff you were also taking? Btw, Auchentoshan sounds like an Assyrian tyrant. Great name for an adult beverage.

    • Alan says:

      Wasn’t taking anything experimental. It was a vaccination study, but that didn’t work, as the tumors came back. Anyway, funny about Auchentoshan. Definitely NOT a tyrant.

  4. stevenexler says:

    This sounds great! Keep it up! L’chaim!

  5. Susan Burstein says:

    So glad to hear! I hope the news keeps getting better!

  6. Ilana & Avi Kohn says:

    cheers indeed!

  7. Avigail Buiumsohn says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news! Hope you are feeling well & the downward trend continues!

  8. andrea yampolsky says:

    Excellent keep on shrinking baby!

  9. Beth davide says:

    I am so happy to hear good news!! Hopefully it’s all upward from here!! Stay well!! Xoxo

  10. Shafirs says:


  11. Beth davide says:

    Absolutely!! I’m here for ya!!!:)

  12. susan says:

    Great.frickin.news. and nobody deserves that more than you.

    Between kind nurses and good parking spots, and maybe some scotch, you’ve got this locked and loaded. Crush cancer.

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