Cancer hair loss is a zero-sum game

So it’s finally happening.  My hair has started thinning and I decided the time has come to embrace the buzz cut. I sat in the chair and told the guy to give me a “number 2.”

“All over?”

“Yes. It’s time.”

Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t a sad story. I’m completely embracing it; I’ve just been lucky that, until now, side effects have been minimal and, for the most part, invisible to the casual observer.  (As I often tell Tammy, she’s lucky…I haven’t looked this good since high school.)

But, earlier today, there was no getting around the fact there is a cumulative effect of the chemo.  While my weight remains a steady 66.6 kilograms, I’ve also started to break out in acne.  (Some might point to sub-par personal hygiene.  I beg to differ.)

Here’s the thing: when I got home and stood over the sink shaving, I realized that cancer hair loss is a zero-sum game.  My ears, nose, eyebrows and back all show absolutely no signs of hair loss.  In fact, I dare say they all look quite lustrous.

So, there you so.  My hair isn’t leaving me, per se.  It’s simply relocating to hairier pastures.


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F---ing Cancer since 2011.
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21 Responses to Cancer hair loss is a zero-sum game

  1. stevenexler says:

    Please post buzz cut pictures! Shanah tovah and love and good wishes,
    Steven 🙂

  2. Yehuda Mermelstein says:

    I hear (hair) ya…..
    Sorry about the pun….

  3. Brian says:

    So glad to know the hairier pastures are doing well and both glossy and full. Take it easy mr handsomeness.

  4. Ora Blank says:

    You could be the inventor of a suction cup attachment or something similar to 3M, maybe silicone based, for the kipa.
    Mark had a Velcro one.
    Good vibes guys.

  5. Mitch says:

    How do you know it’s not just heredity? Once you make it past 40, we all have the hair relocating issue. I’m thinking of doing a comb over from my nose.

  6. Brenda gruber says:

    Alan, I laugh so many times reading your posts. thanks for sharing your story. Best wishes for a year full of good health, and happiness. send our love to Tammy!

  7. Beth davide says:

    Number 2 sounds good to me!!👍

  8. thesmallc says:

    All my body hair was gone after my second chemo infusion. I have to admit I felt a level of freedom when I lost my hair. It didn’t affect me at all but maybe it was because I was expecting it. I also have a family history of cancers so it was not as shocking to me. Glad you are comfortable with your hair situation.
    I am happy to report all my hair grew back after chemo, starting with my chin.

  9. Ari F. / Wesley Hills says:

    When you began with “give me a #2,” I thought this was going in a completely different direction. Ah, well.

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