I make a better door than a window…

I am not an avid concert-goer.  I am not particularly a Bon Jovi fan. But we had tickets for his concert last night in Tel Aviv so, I took my limited Bon Jovi knowledge, a couple of water bottles, a blanket, my ileostomy “go bag,” and my usual sunny disposition, and headed out.

Sunny disposition in full bloom.

Sunny disposition in full bloom.

Sure, we had to walk a lot farther than expected (the bus we chartered with 50 other 40-somethings could get nowhere near the park and the exit off the highway was closed), got there a bit late, had my blanket confiscated, almost had my water bottles confiscated (until I cancered it up a bit), and had to show the security guy my ileostomy bag when he got concerned over the supplies I was carrying (more cancering it up, with the added benefit of a little ileostomy show-and-tell).

But, we had fun.

Along with 59,000 others, we assembled in Yarkon Park.  We were toward the rear and, at some point, I got tired of sitting.  So, I stood up.  And, you’ll never guess what happened.  Apparently, I – alone, and NOT the 58,999 others – was blocking the view of those behind me and two (not one, but TWO) guys came over and told me to sit down because I was blocking everyone’s view.

Not the huge fat guy standing next to me.

Certainly not the scantily clad waifs parading to and fro.

Me.  All five-foot-six, 147 lbs of me.

The view I apparently was blocking.

The view I apparently was blocking.











Good news: I guess I’m not that scrawny!


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6 Responses to I make a better door than a window…

  1. jay says:

    should have just laid down on a bed of roses…

  2. thesmallc says:

    I am not a concert-kind-of-person either but don’t mind attending some random ones, especially if the 80’s music is involved. I am more into comedy these days.

    That’s crazy that you got approached because you were “blocking the view.” My grandma always used to say, “the pig knows which side of the fence to scratch from” so it always makes me wonder why people choose to approach ME vs someone else. I guess we don’t seem mean. I hope you got to enjoy the concert at least.

  3. Beth davide says:

    I loved Bon Jovi but seems like it wasn’t the best time for you!! Glad you got out and gave it a try!! People are ridiculous!! You look good!!!

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