Hillary Clinton, Keyser Soze and Menachem Begin

I like when things come full circle. Whether it’s a nail-biter like the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects or a historical tome such as the more recent The Prime Ministers, there’s a The Usual Suspectscertain feeling of satisfaction when a well-told story comes together in the end.

Way back in 1996, then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton “penned” a book, It Takes a Village.  In it she posits that society bears a collective burden to raise its children well.

From my experience, I agree. Having been robbed of my mother at the young age of 14, my community at the time stepped up.  I distinctly remember people reaching out to proactively help us in a variety of ways. In the eyes of a 14 year old such attention could be seen as an intrusion.

Today, of course, I understand differently.

A few weeks ago, the house phone rang (an unusual occurrence in and of itself) and on the other end of the line was one of the former community members who had helped out in a selfless way. This woman would call on occasion to say she was going grocery shopping and what can she get? Or, to inform us that she had cooked some dinners for her family’s freezer and had a few extras she’d like to share. Or, sometimes, just to say, “hello and I’m thinking of you.”

Her call a few weeks ago, after not having spoken to her in years, got me thinking how, in so many ways, I am reliving my experience as a teenager. I realized that, once again, I am the beneficiary of so many acts of kindness.  I am, once again, surrounded by a village of people all looking out for me, who genuinely care about how I am.  Whether it’s those who are paid to do so, or even those who are seeking out just a bit of drama, and especially those whose motives are 100% genuine, I appreciate all inquiries.  It feels good to know others are thinking of me.

So, while this story isn’t as thrilling as The Usual Suspects or as surprising as the conclusion of The Prime Ministers, for me it represents a full circle.

And that’s quite satisfying.


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4 Responses to Hillary Clinton, Keyser Soze and Menachem Begin

  1. Adam D. Hammerman says:

    I note the political undertone you convey… Well done….

    And Yes… The Full Monty was a poignant film… Really hit home … And makes one think …”is there more out there for me other than just accounting?”….

    …. Oh wait… Full circle…. Never mind….

    Love ya man….


  2. Carol Joseph says:

    Hey Alan Nicely said. Better than a top 10 list

  3. lisa says:

    full circle? maybe…… or simply payback for all of the kindnesses you, Tammy and the kids have done daily/weekly/yearly fuh-evuh!

  4. jaya says:

    feeling the love…. thats a good thing…

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