OK, so this is a “process post.”

So, my last post was about how my writing has shifted from dealing with “process” to increasingly philosophical issues.  And, lo, this post is about…process!

Why?  (There; a little philosophy for you.)

I figured it would be helpful to share an update about what’s going on, since there’s been a noticeable increase is inquiries about how I’m doing.

Thursday last I went to see the oncologist and we reviewed my blood work and most recent CT.  The bottom line is that I will be continuing with the Japanese drug (TAS-102) for at least one more cycle starting today (two weeks on and then two weeks off), after which I will go back to the oncologist.  In the meantime, the name of the game is to control as best we can my pain and sleeplessness.

While my tumor markers are up and the last CT scan I had (late May) indicated disease progression, particularly in my liver and pancreas, I should point out that it is not all good or bad in terms of pain and sleep.  For example, the past couple of nights were good nights for sleep.  Only one bathroom break each night and NO need for additional pain meds.  That’s a big deal.

Also, I’m feeling as though things are a bit more in control.  So much so, that Tammy and I are considering a trip to NY the last week in July and first few days of August.  The oncologist agreed and even wrote me a note to present to the insurance company so I can get travel medical coverage.

All in all this is good news, in that my oncologist didn’t seem all that perturbed about my test results.  She is of the opinion that we have to give the TAS some time to kick in.

That said, we continue to closely monitor how I’m feeling and, I’m pleased to say, things seem to be trending positive.


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17 Responses to OK, so this is a “process post.”

  1. Avigail Buiumsohn says:

    Let’s hear it for “Trending positive”! Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing your update Always hood to hear from you. So glad you & Tammy can go to NY together. Thinking of you both & sending my love. Shavua tov! Avigail

  2. rayleap@rcn.com says:

    Hi Alan,  So good to hear a positive trend!   I w anted you to know I read your comments about Paul K. and “When Breath Becomes Air” in your early May blog.  I had just finished reading Oliver Sacks’ inspiring essays in “Gratitude” and went right out and bought Paul K’s book – thanks so much for recommending it, really so beautiful even with the tears that come  while reading. 

    Keep the blogs coming – I read your blog every time it arrives in my inbox – I actually look forward to getting it.   We think of you and Tammy so often and send our love. Raylea

  3. Carol Joseph says:

    ok to you too!! That is a good post. Love you Auntie

  4. Beth Selter says:

    I always marvel -and am grateful as to how your posts make me smile. I hope the trip to NY works out–and perhaps even a drive up to camp! your seat on the office porch is always waiting!

  5. Rivka Cubine says:

    we’ll keep praying and praying and praying! Sending you guys our love and good wishes.. enjoy New York! Yeah!

  6. David samuels says:

    I am always reading your posts and am glad to see you’re positive attitude. You are certainly teaching me something about life ! Hope you have a great trip into New York.

  7. brenda gruber says:

    We wish you a great summer. if you find yourself near wesley hills we would love to see the both of you! Feel good Alan!

    • Alan says:

      Thank you! It would be lovely to see you, David and your brood. I saw a pic recently on FB. Can’t believe how big they are…

  8. Jerry Glazer says:

    Wishing nothing but positive signs (and results)

  9. Faith says:

    I’m so very glad to hear that you are feeling well enough to travel. Let’s keep this positive trend.

    Sending love

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