Commemorating a Commemoration

About one year ago, shortly after I was discharged from the hospital following my most-recent HIPEC and cytoreduction, we hosted a small gathering in our home to commemorate the amazing work of Professor Avi Nissan and team.  Along with the ICU doctors and nurses, they did unbelievable work and, a mere three weeks post-op, I was home.

According to Jewish tradition, there are several ways to show appreciation for a life-saving event.  One is to host a meal of thanksgiving (a “seudat hodaya“), during which we praise God and offer thanks.

We held ours on the intermediate days of the Sukkot holiday.  For a variety of reasons, I felt it would be particularly befitting to double-up on the festival by adding a personal touch.  I invite you to listen to the speech I gave by clicking here.  It’s just under 15 minutes and, at the time I gave it, I didn’t expect to post it online, so it’s a bit rough and does require some basic knowledge of Jewish customs and terminology.  (If you’re interested in any clarification, I’ll be happy to share it privately.)

So, while I won’t be hosting another meal of thanksgiving this year, I maintain that every meal is indeed so, even though I am still in the throes of dealing with cancer.


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8 Responses to Commemorating a Commemoration

  1. Brian says:

    You are absolutely right. Every meal should be one of thanksgiving. And every day of our lives should acknowledge appreciation. Are you the same person who rode with speed down ye bike path?

    I really like the newer softer you but not the method or reason of that change. A kiss on your little head


  2. jay says:

    ran into shlocker… .and we commented on the seudah last year…. and your incredible outlook….
    moadim lsimcha, buddy

  3. susan says:

    at this rate, you should be making turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce daily. Happy thanksgiving everyday. Sending oodles of love 🙂

  4. Brenda gruber says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your commemoration speech. It was very thought provoking and moving. I hope it’s ok to share with some special pple here in ny. Send my love to Tammy! Chag samayach!

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